Ice, Ice, Baby

Why You Should Invest In Solar Screens

I grew up in an old neighborhood; filled with old neighbors, old cars, and old neighborhood haunts. Every inch of my quaint neighborhood, is covered with some sort of memory stretching back to 1955, all the way to present day, where I spent my summers wandering barefoot between the local pool and the ice cream parlor up the street from my parent’s. In fact, my parent’s old home, was the first built of its kind, and was so sought after that a picturesun-1171543 of it under construction is encased in the aforementioned ice cream parlor. Being built in the 50’s and as a “cookie-cutter” home (meaning that I know at least five other people who had the same Miramar model as my parents), it was built with a budget in mind. That being said, the home itself is rather large: three bedrooms, two bath, three backyards, with a full garage and attic to boot.

If it sounds idyllic, that’s because it was. It was a neighborhood that my parents felt comfortable letting me wander around with my friends from an early age,
and a place where I could easily envision growing old with a family of my own. However, with each idyllic home comes a dark corner full of dirty little secrets. The dirty little secret of our three-bedroom on the corner? A lack of insulation. For my room in particular, I suffered endless summers of being woken before the sun had even reached high enough in the sky to fully heat the earth in sweltering heat, fighting back sweat as I threw my covers from my body.

Living in southern California whilst growing up and moving only an hour north as an adult, I’ve survived many-a-hot and humid summer. Typically beginning in late May and stretching as far into the fall as late October-early November, our summers are never ending, and unless you’re able to be at the beach or movie theatre for twelve hours of the day, you really don’t feel much reprieve. Cue my parent’s decision to finally, after many years of debating, invest in central air conditioning to cool the house for a solid six months of the year.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

The feeling was glorious, something likened to Christmas morning as I was finally able to sit comfortably on our leather couches without slipping around on my own sweat. Eagerly, I would wake in the morning on my parent’s workdays and lower the temperatures enough to resemble the freezer in the kitchen, while I basked in the utter brilliantness of my parent’s decision. For the first time in sixteen years, my summer did not look as if it would be covered in sweat and stick, and I, along with my family breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Twas not to be, however, as the first electric bill showed up at last, signifying that our summer of relief would need to be short lived.

air-conditioner-1541139You can imagine my disappointment when my parent’s made a separate—though understandably so—less gratifying decision to limit our air conditioning use to the peak highs, when southern California reached well over a hundred (rather than merely bordering it). So began another summer retched by heat, covered in the salty-stick of our sweat, as we went about our days uncomfortable in the house, with our nights interrupted by stagnant heat. The decision was one that I did not agree with at the time (though now an adult I recognize the need to not pay exponentially high electric bills) and so I suffered loudly, rather than in silence as the heat climbed the further into summer that we went.

Solar Screens

Lucky for us, my father began a new job as an estimator for a curtain company, specializing in the larger office buildings located downtown. Perhaps you’re wondering whedowntown-window-1254096re the importance of this lies, but as you can understand, the sky rises in downtown San Diego sit day in and out under the tireless southern California sun. Each day my father went to work with his company to provide solar shades for the large buildings downtown, covering their huge windows, while propelling the sun to keep the heat—and therefore costs—down.

Both eco-friendly and energy efficient, it struck my dad that perhaps his company might be willing to fashion blinds for our oven-like home. And you know what? They were. The same summer that our air conditioning went in was the same summer that our solar shades were installed in each room of our home. Designed to cut glare, lower heat, and dramatically reduce UV-rays, the temperature in our home decreased by a dramatic twenty-degrees easily at high noon. The effectiveness of these shades has been so prominent to me, that upon moving to Temecula, Ca, I ensured that I was able to install the same type of shade into my own home, to continue to cut down on electric bills, not to mention grabbing the number of a good Temecula screen repair company to
keep my screens operating at top notch.

This past weekend my parent’s said good-bye to our old oven-like home (and I can promise that the new owners were very excited over the already installed solar shades), and moved out to an even hotter area of town. As the temperatures climb, inching from our short spring into our very long summer, my mother has already called once singing the praises of her solar shades that followed her to the new home. “An investment,” she asked, “maybe. A permanent member of the family? Absolutely.”