Workin’ At the Window Wash

How To Clean Your Windows Like A Pro

Have you ever woken up, poured yourself a hot cup of tea (Tazo China Green tips, stevia, and honey), grabbed the latest book you have been working on, and sat down at the dining room table—the one wedged in the corner, with windows on either side, that looks out over the warm Temecula valley—and thought my what a beautiful day it is? I’m guessing the answer is yes, though of course your tea preference may be different than my own, and I am guessing that you enjoyed that moment, pure and simple as it is. But then answer me this: has your enjoyment ever been ruined by realizing that your beautiful view of Temecula is not nearly as stunning as it should be?

Yes, my friends, I’m talking about the heavily clouded, grimy, smudge tainted windows that many times afflict homeowners of clean-1445150-2Temecula due to an outpouring of wind, dust, and, though very rare, rain. The sticky grey of a poorly cleaned glass window has the ability to taint an otherwise stunning vision of Temecula’s rolling hills and vineyards.

Now I am not a neat-freak by any stretch of the imagination; if you don’t believe me come and spend a day in my home where dishes frequently go without being put away and laundry doesn’t always make it to the hamper. But knowing how difficult window cleaning in Temecula can be (especially when you realize that a simple round of Windex most likely won’t take care of the streaking outside of your home), I would like to offer my two-cents, so that you all can find yourself with beautiful views, while being proud of the home that you’ve built.

First and foremost

I really cannot stress this enough—invest in the proper equipment. For ongoing window cleanliness, pros recommend purchasing several different sized squeegees, ranging from the very tiny to a whopping fifteen inches wide. Use the smaller sized squeegees to get into the nooks and crannies of your home, while saving the large sized ones for the bigger tasks, such as split windows. Pros also highly recommend grabbing a T-bar-style window scrubber. This little gadget is similar to a mop and make-it-clean-1426935
performs in much the same way.


Grab a clean bucket. Why such the emphasis on a clean bucket? Well here’s why: if you swap buckets for various chores or outdoor work, you risk leaving behind microscopic pieces of minerals and dust particles that can and will scratch at your dirty windows. Save yourself the heartache and keep a bucket inside, under the sink, loaded with lint free rags so that you don’t find yourself in a position where you must replace rather than scrub your windows.

Now, get to scrubbin’

You have the tools, so time to move. Toss on some music, and step out into that beautiful sunshine and get to it. Pros recommend using just a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of soap, then taking your scrubber and simply dunking it in and then sloshing up your windows. Then take your squeegee (picked per window) and starting at the corner, pull the squeecleaning-1431756gee across it, wipingh up any damp spots with a dry, clean, lint-free rag to avoid smudges. Continue across all windows.

Things to remember:

start with the outside first (this will allow you to see the inside better) and it’s best to attempt this task on a cloudy day (good luck
with that in sunny Temecula), tinted glass should be consulted with so as not to ruin the film, and always, always wipe your squeegee out after each stroke across the window to avoid water drag.

And remember, window cleaning is not an art—but follow these instructions and your windows are sure to look like it. Window cleaning  by no means has to be the dirtiest, most tiring part of your day, but if your skin crawls and your back aches at the thought of having to scrub those windows yourself, then call a pro. Temecula is teeming with professional window cleaners, all willing to come and help out a lost soul like you.