Put Down the Squeegee

Professional Window Cleaning

I live in a home that boasts wide, sweeping views of Temecula, Ca. A little less than an hour north of San Diego, and slightly more east, it is home to rolling hills, scenic landscapes, and green vineyards that are home to some of Southern California’s premiere wineries. Being privy to such views, I’m a stickler for keeping my home’s windows as clean as possible, refusing to mar my view with smudges and grime. Normally, as shown from this post, I clean my windows on my own, saving money, while getting to spend some time outdoors, and with the overcast skies out in full force today, I grabbed my supplies and made for the outdoor house.

And then it happened.

If you live in southern California, you’ve likely been enjoying the last several weeks of mild temperatures, lukewarm days, and even rain. It’s been an window-cleaner-at-work-1469609unseasonably cool start to the season, one that I know I’ve welcomed with open arms, so you can imagine my surprise when I stepped outside into ninety-degrees of humid stick. It seems as if summer has finally happened upon southern California, leaving me scrambling for my belongings, and racing to get back inside and away from the heat. As I flipped on the air conditioner, I headed for my phonebook, searching diligently for the number for my local window cleaning company, deciding it was time to let a professional take care of my view.

Though I am more than capable and will on most days happily give my windows a decent cleaning, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s worth it to grab the phone and pass the job on to someone else. Not only will you save yourself a good chunk of time, you’ll put an end to stubborn neck and backaches caused from cleaning your windows as well. But how do you go about finding the right window cleaning team for you? Follow these five tips and see how you can pass the burden on to someone who actually wants the job.

Who Will Be Doing the Work?

While you might be thinking that this is a silly question, it’s one that many people forget to ask. When scheduling with your local window cleaning company, be sure to ask about whom it is that will be coming out to your home. Will it be the person you’re speaking to, or a team that they will be sending out? If it’s a team and the owner will not be coming out with them, be sure to ask about background checks and whether or not the team has passed. Remember, these people will be in and out of each room of your home, meaning that you need to be comfortable with the people you employ.

Ask About Insurance

Before agreeing to having a window cleaning team come out to your home, ask about their insurance and what will be covered should something happen to their window in their care. Keep in mind that your window, while seemingly sturdy, is a huge piece of expensive glass that if nicked inappropriately can come crashing down right before your eyes. Find a team that will cover your window if a mistake happens, replacing or fixing it where need be, without the added headache of going through small claims.

limpieza-1310611Describe Any Problems

During your initial consultation, be sure to tell your potential window cleaner about any problems that your windows happen to suffer from ahead of time. Whether it be hard water stains, paint flecks, or extremely dirty sun screens, let your cleaner know beforehand, so that they are prepared and factor the work into your cost proposal. In most cases, your windows are no worse off than others that they may have seen, but letting them know about problems will allow them to prepare for extra time on your home.

washing-windows-1469282Custom Quotes

Many companies have a base price point for homes. This point is usually determined by the size and numbers of windows, leaving little wiggle room for homes that are easier to clean than others. If your home falls under the simple category (i.e. single story), consider asking your cleaner for an in person price quote rather than the standard. If you’re lucky, the cleaner will come to your home and find that your windows will require less work, less people, and less time on their behalf, meaning that you are able to save several dollars.

Pay It Forward

Small businesses rely on word of mouth recommendations to make their business grow. For this reason, many smaller businesses offer referral and frequent buyer programs, giving you a reward for giving them more business. Ask your window cleaners if they have any kind of program like this, explaining that you’d happily pass along their information to those who could benefit from their services. It’s a small act that will give you a company to turn back to, while promoting a business that deserves it.

Cleaning your windows is not always an exhausting task, but when the weather warms up or your back is giving out, or even if you just plain don’t feel like doing them yourself, then you can benefit from hiring others to do your window cleaning, Temecula is filled with them. So sit back, set down the squeegee, and let someone else handle the hassle for you.